Welcome to energyRt pages

energyRt is a package for R to develop Reference Energy System (RES) models and analyze energy-technologies.

energyRt package provides tools to build RES (“Bottom-Up”), technological, linear cost-minimizing models, which can be solved using GAMS and GLPK. The RES model has similarities with TIMES/MARKAL, OSeMOSYS, but has its own specifics, f.i. definition of technologies.

energyRt package is a set of classes, methods, and functions in R which are designed to:


Development status

The project is in an preparation of the first official release, which includes the documentation and a set of examples (expected - Nov 2018). Current functionality allows development of multi-regional RES models with trade, time-slices, and variety of technologies, an integration with GIS (via sp and choropleth packages), pivot tables (via rPivotTable), authomatic pdf-reports for models and scenarios, analysis of levelized costs of tehcnologies, and other features.

Authors and Contributors

The package is designed by Oleg Lugovoy (@olugovoy) and Vladimir Potashnikov (@vpotashnikov).